We at Motor City Computer understand the value and importance of operating our business in a sound environmental and safe manner. We strive to maintain our facility, and operate our processes in such a way as to comply with all applicable regulations, as well as requirements established by our customers, and other applicable interested parties. We will take all reasonable measures to prevent controllable pollution and safety hazards.  We will continually find ways to improve our environmental and safety performance, while maximizing our business goals.

Primary Commitments:

-Maintain an environmental management system registered to ISO 14001
-Maintain a health and safety management systems registered to ISO 18001
-Comply to all applicable regulations and other requirements
-Encourage open communication among employees and other interested parties with respect to our environmental and safety performance
-Address and act upon any issues that may arise as a result of our practices, including root cause analysis and corrective action
-Communicate any issues resulting from our practices to all interested parties, including employees, customers and public