Motor City Computer can work with you and your organization to optimize the total cost of ownership by redeploying units that still have significant useful life back into your environment.


In today's economic climate it is imperative we give back within our communities. Motor City Computer offers a professionally managed donation program, not only do we work with your team we are in constant contact with your charity of choice to ensure the donation meets their unique requirements.

On behalf of St. Mary's Preparatory, I would like to deeply thank you and your company for your donation of the 20 refurbished computers. As you know, technological literacy is becoming increasingly necessary in today's world. Your gift will allow the students that were affected by hurricane Rita and Katrina the means to achieve the computer skills necessary in our changing world. The donation will also help all our students in the dormitory program. Many of our students are from underprivileged backgrounds and your donation means more than you will ever know to solidifying their educational process.

We plan on using your donation to create a computer lab in our dormitory. Our boarding program is a home-away-from-home for over 75 students from around Michigan and around the world, including Taiwan, South Korea, and Poland. Many of our international students rely on our school's computing resources as their primary method of communication with relatives and friends. With your donation, these students will be able to access their e-mail from the dormitory. I'm sure the new computer lab will bring a smile to their faces and technology to their fingertips.

Your generous donation has been welcomed with open arms. Please extend my thanks to everyone at Motor City Computer for supporting our school in this special way.


James M. Glowacki

Headmaster of St. Mary's Preparatory